Combining technology with business process improvement...  

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Snoot Technologies Inc.

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Thanks for taking the time to check us out.  I'm convinced you will find Snoot Technologies Incorporated a well qualified partner that will add value to your project. Should you have any questions, please feel free to communicate with me directly and I shall make it my pleasure to respond promptly.

What is Snoot Technologies (click here for the corporate video)?

As the banner indicates, Snoot is actually an acronym representing areas of expertise for consulting services we offer:

  • Systems
  • Networks
  • Operations
  • Organizational Methods
  • Training

As you navigate among the various pages of our site you will come to see that our varied business experience and knowledge is complemented by a solid technical side that makes us an ideal partner for your project.  

Combining technology with business process improvement...

This is our motto...We are firm believers that technology and business intelligence are the foundations of every IT solution. Considering only one of these components is like trying to attribute the area of a rectangle to length versus width. If you remove one, there is no area... 

Here's to you...It is both a pleasure and an honor to welcome you to the Grand Gala opening of our re-vamped corporate web site.

Toby Brousseau

President / CEO

Snoot Technologies Incorporated

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